About Preety Hair

Preety Hair is designed with a spirit of better hair, better you since 14th February 2020. The inspiration came about when the founder of Preety Hair, Liyana Jafry experienced a sudden and temporary loss of a large amount of hair that may be related to stress or the recent delivery of a baby.


Realizing that hair loss is a frequent concern for both men and women, Preety Hair aimed to serve the masses with a few narrow products intended for as many people as possible. Your results may vary, but your options stay the same.


The hair care products from Preety Hair contained a special formula of premium ingredients to promote intensive hair growth and helps prevent moisture loss. The ingredient in the product helps smooth the cuticle of each strand while conditioning the scalp and preventing dryness.



Hair Loss is Real!

Hair loss isn’t going to break me!

Why pay more when you can pay less to prevent.

Preety Hair does beautiful things for your hair.


At Preety Hair, we believe everyone deserves extraordinary care.



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